Check Out the Bubble Tea-Inspire Boba Playing Cards

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Check Out the Bubble Tea-Inspire Boba Playing Cards

BaoBao Restaurant has just expanded its menu with the release of Boba Playing Cards on Kickstarter. Illustrated by Angga Tantama and Meko Deng, a lot of thought has gone into the beautiful design and packaging of the bubble tea-inspired design. 

As it is a true staple in most Asian cultures, producer Bao Hoang has decided to create this deck as a way to celebrate a uniting aspect of Asian culture. The symmetrical back design showcase the popular boba milk tea. The color scheme and shape perfectly represent brown sugar bubble tea. Also, the white borders represent the “container” that holds the milk tea! 

The pips for each suit are custom carrying the milk tea theme from the back design over to the pips. The traditionally red pips now follow a light brown milk tea-inspired theme, and the traditionally black pips follow a dark brown tapioca-inspired theme. Each pip also features the same “wave” of milk tea on top. 

One of our favorite cards is the ace of spades. The cool artwork features an actual cup of boba that emerges from the spade with splashes of milk tea in the surrounding areas. Definitely a unique design that helps tie together the entire boba theme! 

The courts are pretty much standard but updated with the Boba theme. If you look closely, each and every court card has a different and unique face, while performing a different and unique action! 

The deck is packaged in a minimalist design tuck box resembling a cup of boba to actually look like: brown sugar with the tapioca (bubbles) at the bottom, and milk tea on top. This pairs perfectly with the transparent plastic casing to really give you the experience of holding a cup of boba! 

The deck is printed by the United States Playing Card Company with Air-Cushion Finish on Bee Casino Grade Paper. Limited to 3500 decks. Pledge starts at $12 on Kickstarter.

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