Final 48 Hours on Kickstarter. Warrior Women (Volume 2) Playing Cards

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Final 48 Hours on Kickstarter. Warrior Women (Volume 2) Playing Cards

Warrior Women is a stunning deck of playing cards showcasing the numerous warrior women that existed throughout history, providing brief accounts of their lives and the roles they played in the theater of war. Decking Aroud Presents in collaboration with Headless Kings are currently seeking funds for the second volume of the deck on Kickstarter. The deck honors countless women have fought in every war in human history and they deserve to be remembered. According to the Kickstarter campaign page,
In this continuation of the Warrior Women saga, we strive to keep the knowledge of these great warriors alive, honoring their past victories and defeats, and informing the present to inspire the future!

The fully custom deck features intricate yet delicate card back design, beautiful Aces, and gorgeous illustrated court cards by Ehsan Ziafati. The courts are portyaerd by heroic women such as Rachecl Wall, Ching Shih, Mary Read, Gorgo and Al Hurra. Each ace features intricate designs derived from the heroic women portrayed on the courts of the corresponding suit.

Each suit features beautifully designed custom pips from multiple historical sources. The back design features an intricate design printed in green, gold, and silver inks. The back of the cards represents the main character of every card. 

To unite the stories of all the Warrior Women represented in the deck, and those across history, we created this pattern to remind us of the delicate beauty of women and the warrior aspect of these heroines. 

The deck is packaged in a beautiful tuck representating a suit of armor. This design was created after much study, and is a combination of classical patterns, gothic statistics, and old motifs, with weapons woven into the delicate design elements along with intricate and detailed gold, silver, and green foil. The embossing on all sides makes this tuck box truly eye-catching gold, silver and green foil. 

Available NOW on Kickstarter for the next 48 hours. Pledge starts at $16.


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