The JLB Deck: The World's First Connected Playing Cards

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The JLB Deck: The World's First Connected Playing Cards

We are really excited about this deck!
Now on Kickstarter, the JLB Marked Deck is the World's first connected deck, the latest tool for magicians created by French Magician JeanLuc Bertrand. If you don't already know, JeanLuc is a creator, producer, and director of David Stone’s DVD, The French Twins, Split, No Smoking or Blinking Effect… you will probably have seen some of the effects on YouTube or Social Media. 

Designed by Destino, this entirely custom deck combines elegance for collectors and practicality for close-up artists. Destino’s craft and talent mixed with JeanLuc’s working Magician approach deliver a unique tool coated with a sleek art design. 

The deck will be a novelty that will greatly impact the magic industry. This new approach to card manufacturing will make that deck an instant classic item. Apart from being a set of custom playing cards, the JLB Deck holds an invisible technology that will connect it to ANY smartphone. 

The tuck case will allow you to transfer instantly any type of information into a spectator’s phone without them knowing (social media, business card, and of course impossible magic effects). Along with that innovation, the JLB Deck is tailor-made for zoom magic performances and will transform your marketing and social media communication into a magical act. 

The JLB Deck includes:
  • 1 Dedicated APP - Endlessly updatable
  • 15 downloadable tutorials - Including 5 Exclusive Zoom Magic Effects 
  • 2 Duplicates - With original routines.
  • 3 Customized Original Gaff cards

The JLB deck will be printed by the USPCC on Bicycle Quality Paper with Linen Finish and available NOW on Kickstarter for $19.

The JLB Deck: The World's First Connected Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 5/28/2021 Rating: 5

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