TWO New Kings Wild Releases TODAY!

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TWO New Kings Wild Releases TODAY!

TWO new releases this week by Kings Wild Project, the VHS Variants 1-5 and Kenneth Wayne Preston - Big Red One! Both will be released concurrently today (10 June) at 12PM ET to members and 5pm ET to the public on

VHS Variants 1-5

VHS is a nostalgic retro-inspired 100% custom deck featuring face-melting holographic foiling on both the front and the backs. The courts are standard Kings Wild but given a radical retro makeover by Jackson. 

Also, the classic VHS cassette back design of this 80s themed deck features a cool flip book effect. The foiled-out cards are encased in 5 different VHS cassette Cover tuck cases.

A single deck costs $16 or get the full limited set for $75 (including matching numbers for all 5 decks).

Big Red One

According to Kenneth Wayne Preston (KWP)- THE BEST DECK EVER CONCEIVED! The deck sports a red colorway with KWP prominently featured on the tuck box and the card backs. 

The deck is a KW's take on the famous cardistry deck, considering fonts used for the back design. 

Inside, the face cards are standard Kings Wild but enhanced with digital indices and cool shades on the royals similar to the ones worn by KWP. 

The man himself is featured on both the jokers! :D Check-out the hilarious KW weekly update video below:

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