Vacuum Tube Space Playing Cards Now on Kickstarter!

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Vacuum Tube Space Playing Cards Now on Kickstarter!

Just launched on Kickstarter, the Vacuum Tube Space deck is a fascinating sci-fi-themed deck created by Russian graphic designer Vitaly Sinkevich and produced by Deallez Pro.

Vitaly was born in Baikonur (former Leninsk) and witnessed that analog era of space flights from the closest distance. These old memories spiced with some glamor and sci-fi, and a layer of varnish on top make the Vacuum Tube Space deck style.
Just imagine if at some point in mid-XX an accidental discovery or maybe a small calculation mistake of a man led to a dramatic breakthrough in gravity research. Mankind made another giant leap and the anti-gravity force was mastered and tamed...

That's the beginning of a legend of the Vacuum Tube Space deck. The deck presents a world where analog devices have never been replaced by digital ones. The huge and imperfect mechanisms with the brave astronauts on board were sent by humanity to explore the deepest space. 

The fully custom deck features 56 cards with cartoon-style images on each of them (54 + 2 extra images of Vacuum Tube World locations), a very detailed back design with vacuum lamps, tubes, old TV sets, burning rocket nozzles, analog switchers, and dial gauges!

The court cards feature colorful cosmonauts, and astronauts of the Vacuum Tube World – members of the international crew of some very important space campaign. The custom aces depict compositions with curious components, which are specific to analog technologies. Vacuum tubes are presented in each of the aces.

The deck is kept in a tuck box pretending to come from the sixties of the imaginary twentieth century, where the whole story of the deck takes place.

The design mimics the look of an old TV set wearing a playful dress and everything we like about the playing cards package: the original style with a story behind it, shiny golden foil, embossed elements, and color-printed interior. 

The deck will be printed by Cartamundi and the pledge starts at $20 on Kickstarter.

Vacuum Tube Space Playing Cards Now on Kickstarter! Reviewed by Ivan on 6/28/2021 Rating: 5

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