Jellyfish Playing Cards Now on

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Jellyfish Playing Cards Now on

Jellyfish playing cards bring the beauty, serenity, and peacefulness of the sea to your card table. Designed by Drew Hughes and produced by Penguin Magic, the Jellyfish deck has stunning custom artwork from top to bottom. 


Inside, the card back is executed in multiple shades of blue and adorned with graceful, flowing jellyfish. The box carries this style even further, offering an amazing sense of depth. 

The custom court cards bring a fanciful twist to familiar faces, turning all of the Jacks, Queens, and Kings into mer-people. Each of the number cards includes customized jellyfish suit pips. Even with the customization, the cards are still highly playable. 

In addition to being great for games, the Jellyfish deck is terrific for magic as well. The deck includes one standard Joker plus one 'reveal' Joker, as well as a double back card and a blank card. 

Available as a single deck or in 6-packs, the Jellyfish decks are made in the USA on Thin-Crushed stock with embossed Magic finish by the United States Playing Card Company. Available now for $9 (discounted from $12) for the next 72 hours on

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