Card Radar: DMC Elites V5- Phantom Finish 1st Edition

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Card Radar: DMC Elites V5- Phantom Finish 1st Edition

The fifth generation of Magician Drummond Money-Coutts' (DMC) is the best deck DMC have ever produced and now, they come with a new finish and colorway. The limited Phantom Finish DMC ELITES V5 now sports a Cobalt Blue colorway and a slightly thicker stock. According to the product page,
...this finish is both more robust and long-lasting than many of the slimmer cardistry decks of today, and promises a much firmer handling of the cards.

When combined with Phill Smith's world-famous 'Optical Marking System', which now includes full four-corner markings, Juan Tamariz's genius MNEMONICA numberings, and a unique one-way back design, this is truly the most powerful, comprehensive, and usable deck ever created for magicians! 


The system hides the value and suit of the playing card in plain sight, with no decoding necessary, no mental working out to do to process some binary signal – including the new stack markings for mnemonica - the cards are supplied in the stack and come with an instruction card explaining the system and a two-way crib to help you with the stack. 

The deck features standard faces to maintain familiarity for the performer and audience but upgraded to an ultra-high-definition rendition of the standard faces!

Available NOW from for $20.

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