Mistborn Playing Cards Now AVAILABLE for Pre-Order

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Mistborn Playing Cards Now AVAILABLE for Pre-Order

Kings Wild Project has just dropped the officially licensed Mistborn playing cards for pre-order! The beautiful deck is an exciting collaboration between fantasy Author Brandon Sanderson and Jackson Robinson, owner of Kings Wild Project. 

Fully custom, each card is beautifully illustrated and depicts a different character from the beloved fantasy story Mistborn. The Mistborn series is a heist story of political intrigue and magical, martial-arts action.

This first deck is inspired by the characters of the 1st Mistborn book, The Final Empire, and features multiple characters from the book:

King - Lord Ruler
Queen - Steel Inquisitor
Jack - Koloss

King - Kelsier
Queen - Mare
Jack - Marsh

King - Sazed
Queen - Tindwyl
Jack - TenSoon

King - Elend
Queen - Vin
Jack - Spook

Also available during the pre-order is the Gilded Allomancy Edition that comes with gilded silver edges and a luxurious PU Leather slipcase collector's box with the Mistborn logo foil stamped on the front. The Gilded slipcase also features a strong magnetic closure.

For the collector, the Final Empire Collector's Box includes 12 Scadrial Edition Mistborn Playing Card Decks and a beautifully crafted Final Empire Collector's Brick Box in premium PU leather with magnetic closer and suede interior.

As this is pre-order, Kings Wild notes that the first run of officially licensed Mistborn playing cards will be shipped in Spring 2022.

Available now from kingswildproject.com for $18.

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