Claim Your FREE Torch Red Enigma Playing Cards! Just pay for shipping.

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Claim Your FREE Torch Red Enigma Playing Cards! Just pay for shipping.

Enigma Cards funded the Torch Red Enigma Playing Cards back in 2017. However, the delivery of the decks surpassed the estimated fulfillment date. It took a while, but the Torch Red Enigmas have finally delivered to backers this year. Founder Héctor Pérez Bejarano told Kardify,
Back in 2017, I was blessed with the funding of my second deck of cards, back then I was still learning the details of how to run a kickstarter campaign and how to print a deck of cards. Unfortunately I ran into problems due to my lack of experience and ended up delaying the Torch Red Enigma Playing Cards for over 2 years.
Due to the support of some of the backers and some notable members of the community, Héctor had the opportunity to fix his mistake and fulfill the project.
Sincerely I think I could write a full book on the experience I had, plenty of things happened that opened my eyes to how playing cards should be done and why people buy them.

That's why Héctor wants to turn the Torch Red Enigma Playing Cards into a chance to give back to the community.
Starting today until the end of the year 2021, Anybody who want to try The Torch Red Enigma Playing Cards will be able to get a free deck by using the code: KARDIFY at checkout at, you will only need to cover the shipping cost. All the decks will be shipped from Gamblers Warehouse in an effort to make the decks as accessible as possible to everyone.
This deck has been meticulously crafted for both cardists and magicians in mind. The whole concept of the deck is to capture mystery with a minimalist touch, using bold strokes and a retro influence. The card backs feature horizontal traces that were created to maintain and enhance the motion of card flourishes.

At the same time, the back hides a marking system and comes in Mnemonica stack along with two reveal cards, which allows you to perform miracles right out of the eye-catching tuck box.
I honestly believe this deck needs to be given a second chance, it was made with love for the community, because just like you, i love collecting, doing magic and practicing cardistry. I hope you take the chance to give it a try. Use code KARDIFY at checkout to get your free deck of Torch Red Enigma Playing Cards.
Head to to claim your FREE deck and just pay for shipping.


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