Deck View: Abandoned (Royal Ivy Edition) Playing Cards

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Deck View: Abandoned (Royal Ivy Edition) Playing Cards

Luxurious. Ivy. Magic.

Abandoned Room Playing Cards are designed by Rick Davidson for the world-renowned magician, Dynamo. This intriguing deck has been created for Dynamo's Abandoned Room show, an "underground speakeasy” for magic in London, UK. This limited edition deck sports a stunning Royal Ivy Edition with breathtaking sapphire blue and gold metallic inks throughout.

The inspiration for the design of the Abandoned deck is strongly influenced by the location for the Abandoned Room show, a unique high-end hotel that features a multi-story wall of ivy. The mirrored card back design features metallic gold ink ivy and a forgotten wrought iron gate, setting the mood for a long-forgotten abandoned room.

With the obvious focus of the deck being magic, the courts are standard design but redrawn and carefully refined. The face cards have been updated with attention paid to the clarity of the pips and numbers. The deck is definitely familiar yet superior in terms of design and playability. This exquisite deck of cards captures attention before you even open it with its ornate flat black matte tuck adorned with embossed gold and sapphire blue foil.

Printed by Cartamundi on their B9 stock. The deck was made available at the Abandoned Room and online. Available now from for $15.

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