Excelsior Playing Cards Launches Second Kickstarter Deck: Cyberware

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Excelsior Playing Cards Launches Second Kickstarter Deck: Cyberware

Excelsior Playing Cards have launched their second Kickstarter deck: Cyberware. The futuristic-looking deck is designed by DeckIdea and produced by Excelsior. According to the team at Excelsior,
Cyberware is another deck in the cyberpunk realm. this time featuring an illustrated approach, keeping a modern look shown in two different designs.

Despite the heated debate over the popular game, Cyberpunk 2077, the genre is still strong, and more themed decks are being launched each month. Although it is inspired by the incredible work of Mike Pondsmith, Cybershock has its own characters on the court cards with their own background stories. 

The fully custom Cyberware comes with two tuck box designs, they evolved to experimenting with foil and dyed paper with a mix of silver, cyan, gold, and orange foils. 

The aces are very detailed and quite prominently displayed in the deck. They claim their inspiration was from the Matrix neck connectors. Also, the pips are custom and the cards have an energy bar at the top and with the suit name. 

Like their first deck, Excelsior Playing Cards has repeated what seems to have become a tradition. The extra card is a tribute to the fans, featuring the names of the first 50 backers. 

Cyberware playing cards start at $15 on Kickstarter and will be printed by United States Playing Cards Company on Classic Paper Stock with Air-Cushion finishing. 

The most unique pledges include the deck along with a luxury acrylic display box specially designed and handcrafted with the deck’s themed art. Also available add-on is the collector’s box sets. 


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