On Kickstarter, Monte Carlo Diffractor Playing Cards

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On Kickstarter, Monte Carlo Diffractor Playing Cards

Currently funding on Kickstarter, the stunning Diffractor series continues with 'Monte Carlo Diffractor'. For this edition of the Diffractor City Series, VXD International has teamed up with Lotrek, of Oath Playing Cards.

This is the third edition in the Diffractor city series, which will comprise of 10 cities, to be released one edition per year. The Monte Carlo Diffractor showcases an amalgamation of VXD's artistic and technical strengths.

All the decks on offer feature the use of transparent holographic, which is a patented treatment for playing cards. From the Kickstarter page,

For those unfamiliar with how this sets our decks apart from ALL other holographic decks on the market, the holographic we use (on all the card fronts in this case) are TRANSPARENT and can be applied over any ink artwork of any color and still maintain visibility of the inks below, creating a 2-layer artwork of inks and holographic. 


All other holographic decks on the market use holographic foils with traditional opaque silver backing, which means behind the holographics themselves is only ever silver. The layer construction of VXD's playing cards can be better understood in the graphic below:

For this edition, the VXD has changed things up slightly over the last editions and gone for traditional silver-backing holographic on the backs of the playing cards and the tucks, with the more subtle and versatile transparent holographic reserved for card fronts. 

3 decks are on offer- Riviera, Grimaldi, and Blackjack. All 3 comes with Traditional (Silver-Backed) Holographics, Metal Foil, and Inks on the beautiful card backs. Pledge starts at $52 on Kickstarter.


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