Luxury. Elegant. Royal.

During the initial release, the demand for the White Monarchs were so overwhelming that Theory11's servers crashed. The White Monarchs are a limited edition version of the regular Monarch Playing Cards. This deck is made with FSC-certiifed paper and embossed box with stunning gold foil.

They look like they belong in a palace.

Gold metallic foil surrounds the elegant white tuck, with a vintage, timeless aesthetic. Absolutely breathtaking! ... and oh, they do handle as good as they look.

The Monarch playing card decks are available at JP Playing Cards.

Here is the second part of our exclusive first look at the intriguing Sky Island Airways playing cards. This stylish deck is created by the multi-talented Edo Huang and magician extraordinaire Alex Pandrea. In this part, we look at how the Sky Island Airways concept came about.

The whole concept started back in March 2014 when Alex called Edo in the middle of the night with an idea that he wanted to incorporate into a new deck of playing cards.

Alex told Edo, "Lets make up an airlines theme deck!"

From that idea, they discussed and brainstormed throughout the night about the concept and the theme of the deck. Following that, Edo started doing rough sketches, logo and the back design.

"Alex wanted to make a simple clean back design with a vibrant summer feel", Edo suggested that the face cards, courts, pips and jokers should be customized so that everyone can see a whole new design from these cards and at the same time generate some excitement.

Edo then continued his work with more sketches, digitising them and compiling it into a final draft. Alex liked what he saw and they proceeded to finalised the design.

Sky Island Airways Playing Cards will be printed by the masters at Expert Playing Card Co and will be available on November 28 (Black Friday).

To keep up to date on Sky Island Airways or for more custom playing cards, follow the Blue Crown on their Facebook page.

Multiple new Black Friday ads have been posted around the internet in the last few days, but none is as intriguing as those from the Blue Crown. The teaser ad features vintage photos of a luxury airline called Sky Island Airways. Little is known about this particular airlines and scouring the internet did not turn up much...

Except for this one little write-up on The News:
In the 1960s, a luxury airline called Sky Island Airways offered an exclusive getaway unlike any other. Passengers were whisked away on private jets to a secluded tropical island known only as "Sky Island". The island offered the very best in food, drink, entertainment, and relaxation. The airline served no other destinations - it was devoted purely to bringing customers to paradise. 
With a small fleet of aircraft and only 10 occupants allowed on the island at one time, it was truly a privilege to access this modern Eden. 
One day, it all vanished. The planes, the airline, and even the island itself. The only evidence that it had ever existed was a supply of the playing cards that were handed out to passengers during each flight. 

To this day, nobody knows exactly what happened to Sky Island or the airline. Did the island sink to the bottom of the ocean, bringing the planes with it? Was it a hoax? A dream?

Thanks to the Blue Crown, here's an exclusive first look at the Sky Island Airways playing cards that have been amazingly preserved for nearly five decades.

More images and information in Part II of this exclusive reveal. Stay tuned!

The Holidays are upon us and we’re here to give you an exclusive sneak peak at a few beautiful decks releasing on Black Friday from The Conjuring Arts Research Center!

Here is your 1st look at the long awaited and all NEW ZEN and Limited Royal ZEN!

Both decks feature heavy black stock side opening tucks with embossing highlighted by stunning foil accents. The ZEN Deck features Red Foil stamping and an intricately beautiful back design. The Limited ZEN Royal features the same tuck style and embossing but highlighted with Silver Foil………..the foil stamping on the Royal Edition is carried onto the back design with silver foil stamping on the two “Genies”

The ZEN deck will be retailing for $7.95 and the Limited Royal Zen for $19.95, but Black Friday shoppers will enjoy some savings on both decks which will be available Black Friday Weekend ONLY for $6.95 and $14.95 respectively. 

Also available on Black Friday for the 1st time is the all new Premium storage Brick Box! The Brick Box features a smooth finish and sturdy construction with a magnetized lid to seal your collection. The box is embellished with a foil stamping of the “Genie” on the lid. Retail on the Premium Brick box will be $19.95, but for Black Friday only you can purchase one for $14.95!

To make the Black Friday Sale even more appealing, Conjuring Arts will also be offering a Brick Package consisting of their all new Premium Brick Box filled with 11 ZEN Decks and 1 Limited Royal ZEN for the amazing price of $89.95 postpaid anywhere in the US! 

Along with these great saving there will be other Black Friday discounts offered on many other items and the discounts will return with a Cyber Monday blowout with some Discounts as high as 50%! So mark your calendar and make The Conjuring Arts Research Center the place to shop on Black Friday!

Sale begins Thursday November 27th at 6:00PM and runs to Midnight Sunday November 30th

Adventure. Classic. Imagination.

Only available to Club 808 members, the delightful Jules Verne Deck is a completely customized deck featuring artwork based on Verne's famous characters and ships. 

The back design references the Voyages Extraordinaires, the name for the collection of Verne's most popular stories. The tuck was designed to look like a 19th-century book, complete with leather-like embossing and paper details around the edges. The custom court cards are characters and ships from the Voyages Extraordinaires. 

Four of those stories are contained within the deck: From the Earth to the Moon, Journey to the Center of the Earth, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Around the World in 80 Days. 

For more awesome playing cards at JP Playing Cards.

Incredible! With no surprise, Kings Wild latest Kickstarter project, the Scarlett Tally Hos has been funded in approximately 10 minutes. These decks are truly unique and is completely limited and produced in very low numbers. Only 700 Limited Edition, 200 Gold Edition (with gold foil gilded edges) and 50 Legacy Edition (with gold foil gilded edges and packaged in a hand made wooded case) will be produced.
The Scarlett Tally Hos are a very special deck to me. I have been wanting to create a strong red deck from the beginnings of my card design days. I have always been drawn to red, so much so that I named my youngest daughter Scarlett from with the deck gets its name and inspiration.
- Jackson Robinson, Kings Wild Projects

At the time of writing, only the single and double Limited Edition decks reward tiers are available. The Scarlett Tally Hos will truly be something that very few will have but many will want. Don't miss out!

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