News: Ellusionist Announces the Ignite Deck with Release Date

Update: Ignite will be released on Thursday September 12th.

Last week Ellusionist started to tease a deck that seemingly looked as if it were on fire. The deck was paired up with the Fathom deck in a few teasers and it was speculated that this "fire" deck would be the second deck in the Fathom series. While details were limited to a few teasers last week, Ellusionist has come forward with a release date and an official name.

The deck, which will be called Ignite, will be released this Wednesday, September 11 on

Details are still a bit smoky on whether or not this will be a limited release and if it does in fact fit in with the Fathom deck to make a series. One commenter made mention of the four elements - earth, water, wind and fire. So far Ellusionist has given us water and now, fire. Can we expect wind and earth to follow?

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  1. Looks like low-rider pin-striping to me...