News: Artist Jackson Robinson to Launch Sherlock Holmes Playing Card Project in November

In less than a month, Jackson Robinson, the creator behind one of the most successful playing card projects on - Federal 52, will launch his next playing card project. Jackson's upcoming project is inspired by one of the World's most famous literary characters to ever grace print - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. Jackson has been granted an official license by the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Estate and will be collaborating with Sherlockian Experts that the Estate has made available to him. The collaboration will aid Jackson in maintaining the characters' integrity as Doyle originally intended when he first inked his characters into existence.

 The majority of the project's details are under lock and key. However, we have been given early information as well as a sneak peak of the project. According to Jackson, he will be pulling inspiration from various actors and actresses who have portrayed Doyle's characters over the years but he will also contribute his own style and spin to the world of Holmes. The project will feature three decks - The Baker Street Edition, The Holmes Edition and The Moriarty Edition (as seen below) and a completely unique court set featured on all three card decks (the same design to go to all three decks). Jackson will also be making a limited edition set available for backers.

Here is a sneak peak designs of the project courtesy of Jackson:

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