Deck View: The (Black Edition) Actuators Playing Cards

Industrial. Victorian. Steampunk.

Designed and hand illustrated by Lance T Miller, the Black Edition Actuators is a Steampunk themed playing card deck with a touch of Victorian flair. This unique deck is 100% custom. For example, the courts have been re-imagined as a sub-militant family regime as the head of each suit. The Queens boast of intelligence and power and are clearly the stars in this fantasy art playing card deck.

Printed by the USPCC, each deck is individually serialized with hand-stamped gold ink to authenticate it's rarity and uses stark contrast and striking metallic ink to command attention.

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  1. The entire Actuator series makes me happy!

  2. Do you have the original series as well? :)

  3. I do. That one I bought after the fact, and haven't been able to bring myself to open it! I am saving it for a special occasion. Not sure what that occasion will be, when it's time, I'll know.