News: Thirdway Industries Teases New 'Mysterious' Playing Cards

The past 12 months have been pretty good for Thirdway Industries. It successfully funded 2 projects (Omnia and Omnia: The Golden Age) and came in runner-up for UC's Overall Best Deck of 2015 in various categories.

Today Giovanni Meroni unveiled his second project for the year on Thirdway's official website, DEDALO Playing Cards. Unfortunately, not much is known about the deck just yet, but Giovanni has left a few clues for those who are able to "solve" it.

Clue words like Labyrinth, Traveller, Princess with the Red Thread, VI MMXVI and Fortune favours the brave. We suppose that this is a reference to a mythology or some sort like Giovanni's other decks.

We have reached out to Giovanni for a comment. Stay tuned! You can subscribe the Thirdway Industries newsletter to receive a notification.
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