Exclusive First Look: Dedalo Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries Part II

This is the second part of our first look at the upcoming Dedalo Playing Cards series from Giovanni Meroni's Thirdway Industries. In part one, we looked at Dedalo Alpha the first deck in the series. In this first look, we will focus on the Dedalo Omega, the second deck of the campaign.

Dedalo Omega will be available at launch and represents the "future" of the Dedalo storyline. According to Giovanni, everything in Dedalo Alpha is the past.

For example, the Jack of Clubs in Alpha was alive and wanted to fly high but in Omega, he is going to die after being overwhelmed by the Sun.

The deck will feature a striking red back and the eye-catching tuck will have yellow gold foil on white stardust paper.

Join us next week when we look at the final deck in the Dedalo series, the Dedalo Apeiron! The provisional launch date for the campaign will be 10 June 2016. Stay tuned!

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