Deck View: Joker and the Thief (White Gold Edition) Playing Cards

Intricate. Elegant. Gold.

The Joker and the Thief (White Gold Edition) Playing Cards is a stunning follow-up to the orignal Joker and the Thief deck released back in 2015. The White Gold is effortlessly elegant adds to the mythology of the original deck.

The design is intricately beautiful with themes and connotation from back design continue throughout. The Ace of Spades is unique, bold and iconic of this design. The court cards are all fully custom. The tuck is peppered with lavish touches, and adorned with eye-catching gold foil, on a matte finished paper. It is embossed on all sides and has a foil stamped interior.

The deck was specifically designed with handling in mind. The inverted white gold back design makes for a significant reduction in ink saturation. Printed by Expert Playing Card Co on the popular Classic Finish.

Don't forget to check out the Joker and the Thief website! Also, for more cool playing cards, check out JP Games.

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