News: The SECRET Way to Get Daniel Madison's CONFESSIONS Playing Cards Series Revealed!

Daniel Madison mentioned that we have the secret method for the HIGHLY sought-after CONFESSIONS playing cards series in THE ERDNASE x MADISON STORY video on YouTube. Since then, we've been inundated with messages asking for the secret method.

Ellusionist has built in a cheat code on the site and those who managed discover the secret link was rewarded with a chance to purchase the final 3 decks of the CONFESSIONS Series for $100. The bundle includes 1 deck each of the Martyr's, Saints and Confessions decks. If you have a secret discount code, you can snag the bundle of 3 decks for $30!

We've given out the secret discount code to those who managed to discover the secret link on our Instagram (@kardify). For those who aren't able to get the secret link, here's what you need to do to snag the bundle for $30:

1. Head over to

2. Find Madison HELLIONS Playing Card. Click to enter the page.

3. If you wait 6 minutes and 66 seconds (7:06) on the HELLIONS page, you will be secretly re-directed to the confessions series product page.

4. On the Secret CONFESSIONS Series Decks page, add the quantity you want and click BUY IT NOW.

5. View your cart and add the coupon code IMUSTCONFESS which will discount the bundle to $30. You should also see the message, 'Save 70%' in your cart.

Enjoy! We're not sure how long the code will be valid for, so if you're considering getting Daniel Madison's Confessions series, NOW is the time to do so!
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