Cardistry: Dan and Dave Featured on Great Big Story's 'Kings of Cardistry' Micro-Documentary!

Last week, Dan and Dave were featured on Great Big Story (GBS)'s Kings of Cardistry micro-documentary. The story is part of GBS's Human Condition series that connects you to some of the most peculiar, stirring, extraordinary, and distinctive people in the world. Great Big Story (GBS) is an independent LLC fully funded by CNN, and it aims to create video that is appealing to millennials, and shareable on social networks.

Watch the Buck twins tell their story and deal out some of the best moves in the game. Their mesmerizing, seemingly gravity-defying flips and tricks stem from card flourishes originally used by magicians to introduce their tricks. Now, thanks to artists like Dan and Dave, cardistry has spun off as an art form all its own—keeping the magic without the abracadabra.

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