Kickstarter: De Novo Playing Cards, the 2018 United Cardists Annual Deck by Rick Davidson

The 2018 United Cardists annual deck, De Novo is a collaboration between the popular playing card forum and New Zealand-based designer Rick Davidson.

De Novo - meaning 'starting anew’ - conceptualizes playing cards from a distant future with an elegant yet futuristic accent. Fully custom and inspired by traditional playing card design, the royals of each suits imagines characters from different groups- Earthers (Spades), High Order (Hearts), Humanists (Clubs) and Synths (Diamonds).

The standard suits have been updated to give it a modern look but remain familiar for easier recognition.

The backs feature ornate full metallic backs in green and gold. The artwork depicts a powerful global artificial intelligence, providing an instantaneous link to it's vast knowledge through a neural chip.

Two editions will be available during campaign- Viridi (green) and Aurum (gold) Edition. The tucks are hot stamped in green (Viridi) and gold (Aurum) foils with a unique mirror design on a high quality stock.

Available NOW on Kickstarter and pledge starts at NZD$20 (USD$19).

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