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School of Cardistry: Long Distance Spinner Tutorial

Here's another exciting Cardistry tutorial from School of Cardistry. This is a follow-up to last week's FLICK tutorial. In this episode, we will learn the Long Distance Spinner, a method to get one card shot from the deck. A very stylish move! Here's Jaspas to tell us more:
Long Distance Spinner is my favourite card shot off the top of the deck ever. It's slick, simple stylish, and can get be shot to achieve long distances with seemingly no effort! Be warned though that the move can be kinda knacky to get down, but with time it'll be second nature!
If you missed earlier episodes, check it out here!

To learn more about Cardistry, check out and subscribe to NDO's School of Cardistry channel on YouTube for more high-quality tutorials.

School of Cardistry: Long Distance Spinner Tutorial Reviewed by Ivan on 5/07/2016 Rating: 5

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