News: Kings Wild Unveils Imperial Playing Cards

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News: Kings Wild Unveils Imperial Playing Cards

Jackson Robinson has unveiled his latest deck of playing cards, Imperial which consists of two limited edition decks in Red and White color variants at the 52+Joker Convention in Cleaveland, Ohio.

These King Wild decks are truly luxurious, and they feature a beautifully designed tuck, card back, and courts. The face cards are simple and elegant, with a minimalistic color palette of metallic gold, rich black, and crimson red.

The tuck case is traditionally intaglio engraved and embossed using the traditional die stamping printing technique, giving the tuck an opulent and tactile feel.

The Imperials are printed in a very limited run of only 300 and 150 for the White Edition and Red Edition, respectively. These will be offered to subscribers of the Kings Wild Shorts before being released to the general public.

Printed by The Expert Playing Card Company, these luxurious decks will bring a new level of class to your game nights. The White Edition is priced at $25 and the Red Edition $35. Available late November 2018.

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