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Deck View: Delirium Insomnia Playing Cards

Chalkboard. Quirky. Fun.

Delirium Insomnia Playing Cards is part of the Delirium Lost Decks series by Giovanni Meroni of Thirdway Industries. A follow-up to the unique Delirium Prism released in 2014, the fun and dynamic decks prominently feature the adorable Delirium creatures throughout!

From the tuck box, Ace of Spades, courts to the card backs and Jokers, the deck is 100% custom. Insomnia has been designed with cardistry in mind with an eye-catching yellow and violet colorway. The color combinations of Giovanni's work compliment each other really well and are consistent throughout the deck.

Available now from For more cool decks, check out JP Games.

Deck View: Delirium Insomnia Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 12/02/2018 Rating: 5

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