Final 48 Hours! Parasol Tree Playing Cards on Kickstarter

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Final 48 Hours! Parasol Tree Playing Cards on Kickstarter

Final 48 hours on Kickstarter, Bocopo Playing Cards Co.'s Parasol Tree Playing Cards have raised $71k of their initial funding goal of $8k. Many will notice the familiar fan design of the tuck box of Luna Moon.

For this deck, the fan-like design of the box represents the illusion of the phoenix soaring into the sunlight. Fully custom, the back design is derived from the glorious sight of a phoenix reaching nirvana. The smooth lines and contrasting black and white colors are reminiscent of ancient tribal totems. Silver metallic ink is used to emphasize the features of the phoenix.

For the court cards, the prominent white lines give the impression of a light emanating right from the middle of the card. The density of the lines reveals the silhouette of the court cards.

Each Ace card features a silhouette of the phoenix. Around it, the sun rays are forming a halo, which comes together to form an abstract version of the respective card suits.

The Jokers show the phoenix close to the sun, about to reach Nirvana. Its wings melted under the enormous heat, and when its feathers turned into ashes, the ferocious flames suddenly softened, as if answering the gentle prayers of people. This stunning scene is represented on the Joker cards by a halo of white lines.

Two editions are on offer during the campaign, Dark Phoenix (sold out!) in black colorway or Noble Phoenix in White. The decks will be printed by United States Playing Card Co with the Bee Paper and Air-Cushion Finish. Pledge starts at $30 for 2 decks on Kickstarter.

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