Kickstarter: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Luna Moon Playing Cards by Bocopo Playing Cards Company and Kevin Yu

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Kickstarter: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Luna Moon Playing Cards by Bocopo Playing Cards Company and Kevin Yu

More than six months on the making, Luna Moon Playing Cards by Bocopo Playing Cards Co. (BPCC) and Kevin Yu of Riffle Shuffle is an eye-catching deck with a revolutionary fanned deluxe tuck case. The project was funded within 26 hours, and all of the Luna Moon Playing Card decks are now sold out! Incredible!

The deck has been inspired by the historical significance of the moon in both Western and Chinese culture- a symbol of change and repetitive cycles in life. The moon is associated with family, especially during the mid-autumn festival where mooncakes are to be eaten with a reunited family.

If you've missed out on the Luna Moon deck, BPCC and Kevin have just released the Helius Sun Playing Card on Kickstarter. The tuck of Helius Sun is just as special as Luna Moon and incorporates some complimentary details. The Maroon Red box is reminiscent of the Sun’s flaming heat. The rigid, hexagon opening represents the intensity of the Sun. The opening of the box is like sunray beaming towards us on Earth, providing the warmth and freedom that we so desperately after months of freezing cold.

Here are 5 things you didn't know about the Luna Moon Playing Cards:

1. The Idea 
The idea for the unique tuck case is from peeling oranges. According to Kevin Yu,  "We wanted to mimic the different phases of the moon through the box, but there we couldn’t find the best way to do so. To our surprise, the idea hit us when we were peeling oranges during a group meeting. The peeling of the outside layer reveals the orange fruit, and we instantly began simulating the box opening with the orange peels."

2. The Color
The dark indigo color was selected because of its richness and depth, which black couldn’t deliver. 
 "The universe is always painted in black, but we chose to use a very dark indigo color. Black absorbs all light and it wouldn’t be able to create the perception of depth in the cards as we wanted. The indigo color also contrasts nicely with the metallic gold and together creating a rich color combination."

3. The Card Back Design
The backs are meant to represent looking beyond the Moon into the Milky Way. 
 "We wanted to create the cards as a separation of dimension, looking at the front side would be looking at the Moon from Earth, and the back would represent looking past the Moon into space. Instead of dotting the dark universe with stars, we chose to showcase the mesmerizing lights of the Milky Way to highlight the mysteries that the universe holds."

4. The Number 9
There are 9 moons when the case is fully open because the number 9 is strongly associated with the Chinese Dragon. "The importance of the number 9 is often overlooked even in Chinese culture. Ancient lore says that the Chinese Dragon had 9 children, and these children have been displayed in various illustrations for thousands of years. Being the largest digit, the number is also used to represent any large number of variations, and especially so for multiples of 9. For example, the variations of the legendary Monkey King is always referred to as 9 x 9 instead of just 81."

5. Constructing the Tuck Box
It takes 15-20 minutes to make the boxes by hand. 
"The complex procedures required to perfectly fold a box by hand takes over 20 minutes even for us. The unique craft paper guarantees that the box stays in its original form after opening and closing many times."

The Luna Moon and Helius Sun Playing Cards come in two different versions: a Classic case Edition and a Deluxe case Edition. Both editions are highly limited to 2500 units each. Pledge starts from $27 for a set on Kickstarter.

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