Cardistry: Peelers Playing Card by Cameron Toner and Nate Lex

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Cardistry: Peelers Playing Card by Cameron Toner and Nate Lex

Peelers Playing Cards from the mind of Cameron Toner and Nate Lex is a simplistic deck with a vibrant design crafted for the cardists and magicians in mind. The deck inspiration came from a speech that Cam heard about bananas going extinct. He then created a mock design and collaborated with Nate to make the back design what it has come to be. Cam told Kardify,
The main goal was to create a simplistic yet vibrant design that is perfect for cardistry and magic. We think we accomplished that with our bright color choices and recognizable faces. All while at the same time spreading some awareness for our fruit friends. 

This deck didn’t just become a reality overnight. Cam continued,
It took a year and a half of late nights. We started up an Instagram account (@playing_card_peels) and networked with Kevin Yu of Riffle Shuffle. He loved our design and concept so much that he asked us if he could produce them. We had a designer named Linus to create the faces of our cards. We started gaining and interacting with our followers. We want to create the best community we could for this deck to become a real thing. 

The deck features a minimalist card back in Tiffany green, standard recolored court cards, custom Ace of Spades and Jokers. The deck is packaged in a cool custom tuck box that looks like a crate! Nice!

Cam and Nate pride themselves on being just two random guys from Indiana. They believe that being able to make this deck a reality is a prime example of what the playing card community stands for. Cam excitedly said,
No matter what your name is or who you are. If the design, timing, and hard work is put in, then the community will lift you up. We owe everything to our peelers fans and the playing card community. Thanks everyone!
Printed by the United States Playing Card Co, with Air Cushion Finish on Bee Casino Quality. Limited Edition of 2000 Decks. Available from for $10.
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