Alex Pandrea's Red Edition X Deck is Almost GONE!

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Alex Pandrea's Red Edition X Deck is Almost GONE!

After releasing the Black Edition X Deck last year, Alex Pandrea has just released the popular deck in striking Red colorway. The OG X deck was initially released for Pandrea's Birthday back in 2017 in a "sample" 100 deck run.

The X Deck is now Alex's go-to-deck for all magic performances. Simple enough to fit his minimal style, yet stylized enough to give it a vibe.

The deck sports a red colorway with playful paint-like X designs on the card backs. The face cards are standard Arrco to give the deck a vintage feel and at the same time maintains familiarity for magic routines and performances. Also, a "Moving X" Gaff Card included and a duplicate Queen of Hearts in every deck for your magic routines.

The deck is printed by the United States Playing Cards Company. The popularity of the X Deck seems to be in full swing by the crazy amount of sales over the last week. According to the email from the Blue Crown,
Checking our inventory - we expect this deck to be in stock for just another few days. 80% already sold out! We are hard at work at the next version, so grab this second edition of this brand now!
Available NOW on for $15.

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