The Four Decks Announced at the 52 Plus Joker Virtual Convention

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The Four Decks Announced at the 52 Plus Joker Virtual Convention

For the first time, playing cards collectors, designers, magicians, producers, and cardists can participate in 52 Plus Joker's 2020 convention virtually. The event started on October 14th and will conclude on October 17th, 2020. Head to 52 Plus Joker's Instagram (@52plusjoker) for daily updates on the schedule and details to join the virtual convention.

Yesterday, FOUR incredible decks were announced:

Screams at Midnight (Penguin Magic)

Designed by Phill Smith from a concept by Kevin Reylek, these horror-themed cards have a fiendish secret built-in, allowing you to know the identity of each card without ever seeing the face. This brand-new Occlusion Marking System lets you perform absolutely brain-busting magic with no sleight of hand! The deck comes with standard recolored faces, bold custom Ace of Spades and Jokers. Also, the deck comes with 3D glasses. Available now for $14.95 on

Jerry's Nugget Double Deck Set (Expert Playing Card Co)

Bill Kallush announced the double deck set of these stunning new Jerry's Nugget. What makes these deck set so special? They are printed with Expert's new double foil process! That means double hot stamp foil (red and blue) are applied on the embossed tuck and card backs... no ink. The face cards are standard and only 500 sets will be produced. The deck set is scheduled to be released on Black Friday.

NPCCD 2020 Hindsight (Seasons Playing Cards)

Another STUNNING deck to the NPCCD collection announced by Alex Chin. This time, the theme is about the choices we make and the consequences that follow set in ancient Greece. Like previous NPCCD releases, the 2020 edition sports a unique tuck box with greek sculpture artwork in breathtaking gold foil. Inside, the court cards artwork features characters from ancient Greek mythology with artwork as if found in a lost greek temple. This will be a 6 deck set each with a different story. Pre-order starts on Oct17 and will be priced $235 for the first 48 hours on Check out the epic trailer above.

52 Plus Joker Club Deck (UUSI)

One of the most highly anticipated deck this year! This year's club deck was revealed by UUSI's Peter Dunham. The deck is fully custom features original hand-drawn artwork by Peter using just 2 colors, black and red. The deck comes with a bold Ace of Spades, custom jokers, old-style suit symbols, and traditional courts inspired from full figure courts popular before the 1900s. The deck does have a vintage look and feel but with a modern simplistic touch.


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