Four New Jerry's Nugget Colorway Released!

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Four New Jerry's Nugget Colorway Released!

Within one week, 4 new Jerry's Nugget colorway has been unveiled! The Steel, Yellow, and Black from Murphy's Magic. The Rose Pink from Riffle Shuffle.

In 1970, Jerry's Nugget Casino in Las Vegas printed what would become one of the most collectible playing card decks ever manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company. They made them for the tables but opted not to use them and put them in storage for 20 years! in the late 90s, these cards sold out, yet the demand continued to grow. Today, authentic original Jerry's Nugget cards are among the most desirable and expensive modern decks on the market.

Last year, Expert Playing Card Company reached an agreement with Jerry's Nugget Casino to reprint a new version of them... and it became one of the most successful crowd-funded decks of all time!

To celebrate Jerry's Nugget's 50th anniversary, Jerry's Nuggets are now available in Steel, Yellow, Black and Pink. Each card will have the same card thickness as the original Jerry’s Nugget through THIN CRUSHING the USPCC’s world-famous premium (Bee) stock. The original designs will stay unaltered, except for the respective colorway.

Each deck will bring back as much texture and sensation of the original Jerry’s Nugget as possible using the most advanced playing card printing technologies from USPCC. To take them further, the off-center seal, the iconic red tear strip, AND the popular long tongue-flap have been replicated!

Also, the bottom of the tuck is clearly marked so these decks cannot be confused with the original 1970 decks - because it will be so hard to tell!

Priced at $12. The Steel, Yellow, and Black Edition Jerry's Nugget are available from your favorite Murphy's Magic retailers. The Rose Edition from for $15.

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