The Aqua Deck- Invisible Playing Cards by MPC

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The Aqua Deck- Invisible Playing Cards by MPC

This incredible deck by Make Playing Cards (MPC) was funded in less than a day on Kickstarter. The Aqua Deck - The Invisible Playing Cards is a ground-breaking completely TRANSPARENT deck of playing cards with clear ink print.

MPC has been doing some great work with the popular Impressions playing cards series and the invisible deck continue the trend of being the first of its kind. I've never seen anything like it before.

The AQUA playing cards really is the closest thing to an invisible deck of cards that you can still physically hold. The deck is made using state of the art printing and production machinery. According to the campaign page,
We use premium transparent plastic card stock which we then apply high-gloss transparent print with pinpoint accuracy, to certain areas of the playing cards to produce a sleek raised gloss embossed effect. The cards are then completed with a finishing that enables the cards to glide seamlessly for fans and springs and perform as you’d expect a high quality deck of playing cards to perform. Cutting the cards is no problem either as we use our MPC state of the art cutter to ensure the edges are angled for cutting into. The thickness of the deck is pretty much like a standard deck of cards.

What I dislike about plastic cards is handling. They do not fan nicely and they stick together after a while. From the animated gif on the campaign page, the AQUA fans and spreads BEAUTIFULLY.

The deck is kept in a frosted transparent plastic tuck box, printed with different densities of high gloss to complement the unique playing cards. Stunning!

The Aqua deck is a very versatile deck of cards for any occasion: A unique deck for your collection, aesthetically pleasing for performances, and to amaze and definitely for game night with a twist. oh.. since it is plastic.. it is waterproof as well. So good for outdoor adventures.

The Aqua Deck - The Invisible Playing Cards is available NOW on Kickstarter and pledge starts at $20.

The Aqua Deck- Invisible Playing Cards by MPC Reviewed by Ivan on 5/12/2020 Rating: 5

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