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Kickstarter: Warrior Playing Cards by RJ

Warrior Playing Cards is a unique deck of playing cards currently funding on Kickstarter by Romy RJ. The deck is simplistic with beautiful artwork of the moth prominently featured on the card backs, Ace of Clubs, Jokers, and tuck case.

According to the campaign page,
... The moth is relentless in the pursuance of its love: light. There is no length the moth will not go to in order to reach that which it desires. This is the part of the story which begs our admiration, one must wonder at the level of perseverance the moth exhibits. Identical to the inevitability of the way in which darkness envelopes light, so too is the moth’s unrelenting race to its own demise.

Herein lies the lesson we ought to learn, be cautious of the things we seek with blind determination. For in attaining our utmost desires, we may find our reality turn to dust, as quickly as a moth caught up in its beloved flame: and in the moment when we think we have it all, in the split second when the moth and light are one, darkness will be all that it will ever know.

The intricate design of the Moth works effectively on this deck. The black/white colorway along with the simplicity of the deck makes the design stand-out!

The court cards are standard but personalized by Daniel Schneider to give it a more modern look. Also, the red pips have been updated with a deep red colorway and a subtle black outline.

For the performing magician, the deck comes with a double-backer, duplicate 4 of Clubs and Jokers With card reveal (Four of Clubs & Nine of Clubs).

The deck is printed by Cartamundi on B9 SlimLine Linen Finish Stock. Pledge starts at 20€ on Kickstarter. The project is currently 3400€ away from reaching the stretch goal for the Midnight (Black) Edition and with 9 days to go. Pledge and make the deck a reality!


Kickstarter: Warrior Playing Cards by RJ Reviewed by Ivan on 5/26/2020 Rating: 5

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