Over 300% Funded! Vonnart Illustrated Playing Cards

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Over 300% Funded! Vonnart Illustrated Playing Cards

Vonnart Illustrated Playing Cards is a hand-drawn illustrated playing cards by Timothy Von Rueden or better known as "vonnart" online (Instagram: @vonnart). The deck is seeking funds on Kickstarter and currently over 300% of its funding goal of $9k.

The inspiration to create his own deck came about when Vonnart was introduced to a wonderfully chaotic game called "Multiplayer Solitaire"  late last year by his convention art friends. According to the Vonnart on the campaign page,
As we were playing I thought about having a deck of my own creation to play with. And so this idea of creating an original, pencil illustrated card deck was born. Early February of this year, I decided to dive into making these cards and three months later, I'm excited to share the finished hand-drawn cards into an official deck for you all to play with!
A lot of thought has gone into the design of this fully custom deck. Vonnart continued,
Before making the cards, I dived into researching the traditional playing cards we know today from the pips, the history, the origination, etc. I decided to use the classic French pips (hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades) adopting the story behind each suit. I also wanted to have each of the face cards facing the same direction as the graphic versions we know today. 

The artwork of the deck including the card backs and court cards will be hand-drawn pencil illustrations. Each suit represents a different season in life. 

Hearts: The 'Spring' of life representing new beginnings, youth, and innocent lust for life.
Clubs: The 'summer' of life representing the fruitful riches harvested from work.
Diamonds: The 'fall' of life representing the abundance of wealth and wisdom.
Spades: The 'winter' of life representing the coldness in letting go and eventual demise.

The deck will be printed on M31 casino quality card stock with a black core finish. The deck is packaged in a custom tuck box with gold foil and embossing on the intricate artwork. However, there will be no plastic wrapping and no stickers to seal them for any added unnecessary waste.

Pledge starts at $20 on Kickstarter.

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