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Buy a Zebra King Slayers Playing Cards and WIN a REAL Zebra on

This week, Ellusionist officially released the Zebra King Slayers on their site. The deck was originally available as 'Early Access' (if you took the red pill choice) last year as a follow-up to the minimalist King Slayers series.

The eye-catching deck features the famous contrasting black and white stripes of the Zebra on the tuck and the card backs. With the exception of the Ace of Spades and Jokers, the face cards are standard but enhanced with the Zebra stripes on each of the pips consistent with the theme of the deck.

Like the original King Slayers, the tuck showcase the weapon of choice- the sword of the suicide king. The same sword is prominently featured throughout, from the custom mirrored card backs, jokers to the bold Ace of Spades. The number and court cards are standard but enhanced to match the overall color palette of the respective colorway.

The cards are printed on Luxury Pressed E7 Stock by Cartamundi cards. Only 5,000 decks printed. Also, to commemorate this release, Ellusionist is giving ONE lucky buyer the chance to WIN a REAL Zebra.

At random, one lucky buyer will win the 'keys' and adoption pack to a one WWF adoption pack, paid for, in full by Ellusionist. This means we'll adopt a Zebra for you, on your behalf and they'll be yours. With the adoption pack, you'll receive a plush Zebra toy and details about how your adoption has helped your Zebra in their natural habitat. Cool prize!

Available NOW from Ellusionist for $10.

Buy a Zebra King Slayers Playing Cards and WIN a REAL Zebra on Reviewed by Ivan on 5/22/2020 Rating: 5

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