Final Week! KING of TIGERS Playing Cards by Midnight Card Co.

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Final Week! KING of TIGERS Playing Cards by Midnight Card Co.

From the creative mind of Randy Butterfield, comes KING of TIGERS Playing Cards. The design for deck features a striking pattern that will be printed with shiny material, resulting in a wild and adventurous final look. According to Randy on the Kickstarter campaign page,
I’ve wanted to design a Deck with a Tiger theme for a while now. Although, I never thought a couple awesome shirts and an insane source of entertainment would serve as the inspiration for the design. No murder conspiracies or mistreatment of animals here though! The bold Tiger face on the Tucks includes a subtle horseshoe mustache (a nod to the crazy source of inspiration).

The pattern for the card backs extends out to the edges, creating a mesmerizing Borderless design. Looks great on fans and spreads. The Face Cards for The KING of TIGERS Decks are semi-custom - standard Courts with gold, blue, and silver “glitter” outfits with the same pattern from the Backs. 

Gold pips for the Hearts and Diamonds and black pips for Spades and Clubs updated with subtle patterns within. The custom Jokers feature the horseshoe mustache Tiger (1 Gold version, 1 Blue version).

The foil card backs will be hot stamped for all Black elements, and hot-stamped HOLOGRAPHIC EFFECTS FOIL for all Gold and Light Blue elements. WOW!

Also, the tuck boxes will have similar foil as the card backs but with a clear spot UV with Silver Glitter Flakes (on Gold / Blue elements) added for the extra bling~!

The KING of TIGERS Decks will be printed by Legends Playing Card Co., with their China Printer on Classic Finish. Pledge starts at $16 for a deck on Kickstarter.

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