The End for Bicycle Ghost, 1800's, and Shadowmasters

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The End for Bicycle Ghost, 1800's, and Shadowmasters

If you have Bicycle Ghost, 1800's, or Shadowmasters decks by Ellusionist in your collection, these rare decks have just become more valuable. Last night, Ellusionist announced that these 3 designs have forcibly discontinued and they have no stock to sell. According to Ellusionist, this is how it happened:
A few years ago, the United States Playing Card Co. reached out to us to let us know their legal team was locking down their 'Rider Back' artwork. No gaffing, no staining, no shadows, fades or alterations of any kind.

USPCC didn't want to allow the smallest alteration to the design, so they could fight fraudulent infringements on their Rider-back design overseas. The statement continued,
We understood but were crushed. For over a decade our Ghost, Shadows, and 1800's were the best-selling decks, year after year. The untouchables. We were told to compromise and keep the deck names, but without the design tweaks. To us... A non-faded ghost deck isn't iconic. No shadows on a deck called Shadowmasters is desperate. A non-stained 1800 has no story to tell.

The team at Ellusionist then decided to pool available cash and stock-up. They ordered as many as they could afford and prolonged the moment of loss for as long as possible. For the last few years, in silence, they've watched those decks sell themselves into nihility.

Everything is officially gone. For Ellusionist and for many, it's an end of an era. Ellusionist explained,
We wanted to let you into the circle, so that you would always know that what you are holding in your hand means more than the paper, design and ink its printed on. The only existing stock remains in a secret location for Brad's private reserve. Containing 1st Editions of everything he's ever made. We aren't selling it, but should we ever run a contest with these rare decks, we want you to know they're authentic and so rare it'll be taken right outta the Founder's hands.

If you love these designs and want to stock your collection, Ellusionist wholesale partners will still have some stock left. However, a quick check, prices on the secondary market have already increased by 100%-200%. Expect to pay a premium.

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