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News: Ellusionist Releases the Black Legacy Boxed Set

Ellusionist released plenty of good playing cards, such as KNIGHTS and AURELIAN. The Black Legacy boxed set is yet another impressive released by the wizards this year, a celebration of the incredible talent, creativity and accomplishments the company has done in the custom playing cards arena.

The Legacy edition features redesigned versions of Ellusionists’ most celebrated decks, the Bicycle Black Tiger, Black Ghost and Shadow Masters.

The Black Tiger Legacy deck features all-new tuck box design and prominently showcases the iconic tiger on the front. Surrounded by black foil, this deck has been redesigned from the ground up and sealed with a custom seal.

The Black Ghost Legacy deck includes not only a gorgeous embossed tuck in black foil but a modernized but familiar rider-back design with updated pips and courts.

The Shadow Master Legacy Edition has been refreshed with an all-new tuck box and the familiar classic Bicycle back-design fades into complete darkness. Giving the rejuvenated deck a bold but elegant design.

The Legacy Box Set are available now from Ellusonist for $49.95. The higher price point may not be for everyone but this exquisite set will definitely appeal to collectors and fans of Ellusionist who wants to complete their collection.
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