First Look: ELITES ROUGE Playing Cards by DMC

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First Look: ELITES ROUGE Playing Cards by DMC

The fifth generation of Magician Drummond Money-Coutts' (DMC) signature cards will be released for sale in less than a week. The DMC ELITES: ROUGE Playing Cards were created with the intention to be nothing short of the greatest deck of playing cards for performing card magic available today. ROUGE is simply the best deck DMC have ever produced. Every aspect of the deck has been iterated and re-engineered again and again.

The immediate feature of the deck, and the thing that makes it most exciting to every magician who handles one, is also the most cunningly hidden: the unique world-class optical marking system. On the marking system, DMC said,
We have been told by magicians and dealers alike that the ELITES are a quantum leap in marked cards. The markings can be read from up to six feet away - and yet under intense scrutiny remain invisible until the secret marking is revealed.
The system hides the value and suit of the playing card in plain sight, with no decoding necessary, no mental working out to do to process some binary signal – it literally just says the value and the suit, clearly and visibly, with an incredible range on it.

The deck features standard faces to maintain familiarity for the performer and audience without drawing too much attention. The stock is a new cardistry grade board engineered specially by Cartamundi. DMC added,
The finish is the revolutionary new "No.9 Finish" from Cartamundi, and the ELITES ROUGE are the very first playing cards in the world to be printed onto this unique stock. The cut, paper, print, varnish, card box and gold foiling are are all of immaculate quality - and I couldn't be prouder of this as a timelessly beautiful and disarmingly powerful addition to the armoury of any magician.
DMC ELITES: ROUGE will be the most useable deck for card magic out there. High-quality materials, world-class design, and a great price point will generate both demand and interests amongst working magicians and card aficionados alike.

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To find out more about ELITE ROUGE Playing Cards and anything DMC, head to or follow him on Instagram.

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