Deck View: Black Lions Playing Cards

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Deck View: Black Lions Playing Cards

Magic. Detailed. Lion.

From magician David Blaine, the Black Lions features artwork from the brilliant Mark Stutzman who always has a beautiful way of presenting subtle ideas in an eye-catching way.

Fully custom, the back design feature the repeating "db" symbol which is both intricate and classic in its appearance. The cool Ace of Spades is an image of a woman disguising the face of a lion framed in the shape of a Spades... genius! Also included are two intriguing Jokers featuring a Lion Faced woman handling what appears to be a crow, one of which does incorporate a reveal.

There are two additional cards in the deck. One, a metamorphosis card that turns David Blaine into a Lion and vice-versa. The second is some sort of "puzzle" card. The rest of the pack, as in most of David Blaine's decks feature friends and family making up the faces of the court cards as well as David holding his usual position as the King of Spades.

The Black Lions soft-touch box features a two-tone black finish and silver foil stamping on top of a fully detailed embossing. Printed on the highest-quality stock the United States Playing Card Company offers. Available now from JP Games.
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