Kickstarter: 5 Things You Didn't Know About MPC and the Impressions Foil Playing Cards Series

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Kickstarter: 5 Things You Didn't Know About MPC and the Impressions Foil Playing Cards Series

The Impressions Foil Playing Cards Series are designed and manufactured by MakePlayingCards (MPC). This unique deck series were created using high gloss embossing technique with a metallic layer infused to give it a very glossy look that is both eye-catching and at the same time a unique touch and feel aspect to the cards.

Currently funding on Kickstarter, the Gold and Silver embossed foil backs is the third Impressions Foil in the series. Here are 5 things you didn't know about MPC and the Impressions series:

1. MPC is a large custom playing cards manufacturer. MPC not only produces their own brand of playing cards but are in fact a large tabletop games printer and manufacturer of over 35 years. According to Alex Tse of MPC, "We produce games for many of the large retail tabletop game brands out there. Our experience in this industry allows us to make playing cards exactly the way we want it in terms of material, handling, quality, print and production, thanks to our very talented R&D and production teams. We have made huge investments in different state of the art machinery which allows us to manufacture with no minimum order quantity on most items, something that is very hard to achieve in this industry. This coupled with our very flexible and powerful user-friendly online playing cards maker, makes MPC one of the best choices out there if you need playing cards or card game production."

2. This is the third Impressions Foil playing card series and the fifth in the Impressions series. "We continue to release more playing cards under this series due to their ever growing popularity in the market. The gold and silver decks have in fact been developed for a while now but we have so much in the works that we have only been able to release it now. Arriving at the chosen shades of gold and silver took us a very long time. We wanted a gold which is not too gold but rather that it should show elegance and luxury. The silver then followed and we had to make sure that its color matched the gold as well. The handling of the cards is simply great and we love it. Developing the recipe for it so that it has the right balance of beauty, practicality and handling were painstakingly difficult and time-consuming."

3. There may be another surprise release "We do have something else in planned which we will release in due time. All we can say is that it completes the set for this Kickstarter and that we’re very excited about it."

4. Alex is the guy who is in the frontline communicating with the Kickstarter backers and came up with the Impressions series. Alex came up with the idea to apply the very special high gloss embossing onto playing cards. It was a huge risk to take doing this for a number of reasons including that it has never been done before therefore, involved huge amounts of development trial and error. Also that this new concept may not be accepted by the playing cards industry. Nevertheless, MPC decided to go with it based on Alex’s hunch that it would be successful.

5. We know it as Impressions technology but MPC calls it high gloss embossing. It is such a unique printing and production method that can only be found on MPC playing cards. "The machine that we have in our possession is not a common one but having the machine itself means nothing. The investments in R&D to develop these cards with high gloss embossing and foil layer as found on this Kickstarter is a feat of engineering in the printing and manufacturing industry. We have the high gloss embossing available to customers who wish to use this technology with their own designs which can be found on MPC's website but not with the foil layer as this is exclusive to the MPC branded cards only."

Available Gold and Silver. Pledge starts from $16 and half and full metallic brick box and uncut sheets are available as add-ons. Check out the Kickstarter campaign here!

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