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News: Thirdway Industries Reveals the Background Story of EVA Playing Cards

According to the recent Thirdway Industries newsletter, Eva will be the next Kickstarter campaign by Giovanni Meroni and it is a follow-up to the recently funded SINS playing cards.

The deck features an all women courts with art style similar to SINS and an all new storyline, based on the first woman of different cultures. Here is some background story Giovanni provided us:

Pandora (Spades) was the first human woman, created by Hephaestus and Athena on the instructions of Zeus. She was a punishment of humanity for Prometheus' theft of the secret of fire. She, like Eva, did something she wasn't allowed to do and doomed all the humanity. Both of them love Knowledge.

Pyrrha (Clubs) was the daughter of Pandora. She's not a first woman since her mother was the first, but she and Deucalion, her husband, were the only survivors after the deluge sent by Zeus to end the bronze age. Prometheus told Pyrrha about the deluge, and saved mankind for the second time. Like Eva, Pyrrha populated the earth. Both are the mothers of humanity.

Lilith (Diamonds) was, in some cultures, the real first woman. She was made by the same dirt of Adam. The first man wanted to dominate her, so she grew up wings and flew away from the Eden. Then she coupled with a fallen angel, and she's considered a demon. Eva decided to be on Adam side, but I think she shares the same rebel nature that Lilith have.

Eva (Hearts) is the main character - she shares a lot with the other first women. She is curious like Pandora, rebel like Lilith and motherly like Pyrrha. I decided to call her "the lover" since I think she did what she did since she was in love - with Adam, with knowledge, but more than anything - with freedom.

Eva Playing Cards is scheduled to Friday 12th May, 9 am EDT on Kickstarter.

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