The Gentleman Wake's Tale of The Tempest Hits 500% Funding!

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The Gentleman Wake's Tale of The Tempest Hits 500% Funding!

The Gentleman Wake's Tale of The Tempest was funded in under 4 minutes and it is currently 535% funded with 20 days to go on Kickstarter. The campaign has just unlocked the fourth variant, the Treasured Edition (pictured above) featuring gold gilded edges and luminous gold cold foil on the card backs.

The fully custom deck is expertly designed by Lotrek, evoking classic style and utility designed for players, collectors, card enthusiasts, and magicians.

The Tale of the Tempest Playing Cards immortalizes the legend of magician and illusionist The Great Wylenti and his ill-begotten quest to uncover mysteries worthy of his name, the torrential tempest that befell his expedition and his relentless journey to be reunited with the beautiful Lady Eliza. 

The courts of the deck are based on 19th-century courts feature beautiful royals that are classically inspired and artfully refined. They are easily recognizable and perfect for game nights. The card back showcase waves of intricate filigree and Victorian-inspired design along with the elegant TGW monogram. 

Three decks are currently on offer during the campaign- Dusk, Ocean, and the Midnight Editions (unlocked stretched goal). Each edition comes with a different tuck box:

+ Dusk: eggplant paper stock, copper metallic foil, purple metallic foil, embossing.
+ Ocean: navy blue paper stock, blue metallic foil, gold metallic foil, embossing.
+ Midnight: black paper stock, gun metal foil, gold metallic foil, embossing, numbered seal.
+ Treasured: premium metallic gold cardstock, two-tone gold foil, embossing, numbered seal. Within the tuck is a magnificent gold gilded deck of cards featuring stunning metallic gold ink on a field of gold cold foil inset within an eggshell poker border. 

All 4 will have inner graphics in gold foil! Stunning! The Tale of the Tempest Playing Cards Dusk, Ocean and Treasured Editions will be printed by Cartamundi on their Slimline paper stock using their proprietary B9 true linen finish. Meanwhile, the Midnight Edition will be printed by Lotrek's Oath Playing Cards.

Pledge starts at $16 for a single deck and there are multiple stretched goals waiting to be unlocked on Kickstarter!

The Gentleman Wake's Tale of The Tempest Hits 500% Funding! Reviewed by Ivan on 11/09/2020 Rating: 5

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