First Look at the Collection Brick Box by TCC

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First Look at the Collection Brick Box by TCC

[Updated] Collection Brick Box NOW on Kickstarter!

We spend so much of our time building our collections, but what do we do with all the rare decks once we have them? Check out the elegant collection brick box by TCC launching on Kickstarter in the next few days. The eye-catching storage is made with leathery material giving the brick box sturdiness that other boxes cannot match. 

The leathery material and flannel lining were specially selected. Whether it is the hands contacting the leather, or the playing card decks lying on the flannel, you can feel the excellent quality of the box. 

Every detail of the box has been researched. The exterior material is similar to the color and texture of leather, which gives the box a minimalist look. They are available in two sizes, 6 decks /12 decks versions, which can accommodate a corresponding number of standard-sized playing cards. 

The lid inlay has an in-built magnetic concealed clasp to keep your decks secure within. The appearance and practicality of the collection brick box are bound to become another highly sought-after accessory from TCC. Half-Brick box is priced at $15, Brick Box is priced at $22. Available in four colors: gold, green, orange, and black. 

Also available during the campaign is the Mystery box, a Collection box filled with Playing Cards for a discount of 45%. The box Includes new releases by TCC as well as some previously announced limited releases. The decks will be selected randomly including Ugly Duckling V2, Monstera, Mobius, Unicorn, Detective Conan, BICYCLE Rainbow V1, and Bund18 

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