First Look at STAIRS Playing Cards by Zalēm Industries

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First Look at STAIRS Playing Cards by Zalēm Industries

STAIRS will be the first deck produced by zalem Industries after being acquired by Cardistry Touch and the second installment of zalem Industries since the rebranding from Diva Playing Cards. 

The unique deck features isometric stairs heading nowhere... a simple reference to Surrealism. The original artwork that brought the back design was first conceived at the end of 2019 as a fictional poster artwork on social media, which also appears in the introduction video released by Cardistry Touch last month

To align with the previous works released with REGENESIS, Alex told Kardify,
We aim to shoot most of our trailer-performance videos in Brutalist environments. Luckily for us, Belgium had its fair share of Brutalist architects throughout the last decades to provide us with a panel of choice at hand to start with.

The deck features semi-custom face cards but tweaked to give it a more modern abstract look and feel. On the design, Alex continued,
What I like about this deck is that 14 months after it’s conception, I realise how it has helped me step a bit higher in my understanding of what I want in a deck of playing cards used for Cardistry. Since Ladislas and Dimitri are here to bounce back on my ideas, it allows me to better shape what I want, grow quicker, which prepared the ground very nicely for the deck following up STAIRS. Right after STAIRS I started realising the potential of ad cards like I hadn’t before, and started to use them as creative outlets, like very versatile playgrounds to have fun with, so much to be done!
Printed by the United States Playing Card Company. Limited edition of 1000. STAIRS drops tomorrow (10th March) on

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