5 Things You Should Know About REGENESIS by Zalem Industries

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5 Things You Should Know About REGENESIS by Zalem Industries

REGENESIS is the first deck of playing cards by zalēm industries. With the launching of the new deck on Kickstarter, founder Alex Matencio has also rejuvenated DIVA Playing Cards with a new brand.

Here are 5 things you should know about REGENESIS Playing Cards:

1. What happened to DIVA Playing Cards
According to Alex, Diva Playing Cards is totally changing. The Diva decks will remain as a series under the umbrella of a larger brand: zalēm industries.

2. What is zalēm industries
zalēm for short. The art direction and purpose have moved to some new grounds with the unveiling of Regenesis. According to Alex, "While producing cards remains will remain the main social activity, I'll bring along a universe to complete with each new deck or artwork release. So, expect posters and more to accompany your decks."

3. The Universe of zalēm 
zalēm's personality, as a whole, as a brand, its image, is highly inspired by the dystopian atmosphere found in GUNNM's universe, Huxley's A Brave New World and the movie Equilibrium. Alex said, "Today I'm making my own graphic world and atmosphere out of it, a mixture of pop art, brutalism, metabolism, modern urban styles, streetwear and a bit of myself. To open the doors for zalēm, I have prepared an introductory deck called REGENESIS".

4. The Concept of Regenesis
Colors are priceless as they have this power to pull and push ecstatic emotions from and to you. "I like to try and capture then portray some essences of the imaginative part of my mind into colored shapes. REGENESIS is some sort of stream of consciousness lost in space and time continuum - and happy to be there. Within the underground of zalēm, there is an intent to bring back colors, and to use cardistry to put them in motion by the power of cards x the hands."

5.The Art of Regenesis
Regenesis is made out of 4 Pantone colors: sharp indigo for the base, a sea-foam green for the stream, a vivid coral for emphasis and pastel pink for punctuation. The face cards are adapted-standard faces. "You'll find zalēm's glyph logo (the letters zē) printed right in the center in plain white of the courts. Big enough to make a statement. As for the pips - except for the colors and the sorta-watermark (blacks in seafoam green, reds in coral). Now, enjoy 4 fully customized aces that go in harmony with the back design!"

Regenesis is now funding on Kickstarter. Pledge starts at $15 and the deck will be printed by the USPCC. At the time of writing, the deck is only 35% funded with less than 16 days to go. If you want to support zalēm industries, head over to Kickstarter here!

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