David Blaine Releases TWO New Gatorbacks!

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David Blaine Releases TWO New Gatorbacks!

David Blaine's Gatorbacks are one of his most collectible deck series. They have sold out faster than any other deck David has produced and are among his favorite. The Green Gatorbacks remains one of the most highly sought-after rare decks.

David has been intimately involved with the design and feel of these decks. Like most of his decks, the artwork is realized by acclaimed artist, Mark Stutzman. Two new editions of the Gatorbacks have been released on David's online store- the Silver Gatorbacks and Rose Gold Gatorbacks.

The Silver Gatorbacks is an alluring deck featuring Silver and White Foil on White Soft Touch stock. Multi-level sculpted embossing offers intricate textures, while silver foil glints beside icy white foil.

The eye-catching Rose Gold Gatorbacks are the first from USPCC with Rose Gold Foil, the first with Metallic Rose Gold ink, and the first tucks crafted from premium 'Leather' stock. The contrasting Rose gold foiling beside black foil blazes with rich, fiery tones, as multi-level sculpted embossing offers intricate textures. Stunning!

Inside, the court cards and a new joker design command attention with metallic trim, complimenting card backs designed with reflective MetalLuxe ink on both editions. The thin crush cards printed on premium stock handle brilliantly and provide subtle artistic features.

Available NOW from shop.davidblaine.com for the next 6 hours for a discounted price of $15.

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