Sovereign Playing Cards on Kickstarter

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Sovereign Playing Cards on Kickstarter

A sovereign is a person who has supreme power or authority... and Jody Eklund is attempting to represent Sovereign with a new set of playing cards on Kickstarter. The unique deck reimagines the courts of a standard deck of playing cards with illustrations that are gorgeous and intricate.

Sovereign is a homage to some of the most well-known Kings and Queens of the greatest European empires of all time. Each one of the historical kings and queens depicted in Sovergin is a  shadow of what true sovereignty is meant to be.

The artwork of the courts feature English Aristocrat (King Henry The VIII, Queen Elizabeth I), Scottish Aristocrat (James I, Mary Queen), Spanish Aristocrat (Phillip II, Isabella I) and French Aristocrat (Louis XIV, Marie-Antoinette).

The eye-catching card backs showcase Jody's intricate artwork with 2 metallic gold inks. Each court, ace and joker cards will have original illustrations

Three editions are offered through the campaign- Red, Blue and Exquisite. The Red and Blue Editions will us a Blue and Red soft touch card stock, respectively. The tuck will be adorned with an Elegant gold foil and detailed embossed scrolls.

The Exquisite Edition sports a white tuck, gold foil and embossed. The backs of the Exquisite edition, however, are printed with MetalLuxe Foil instead of metallic inks.

Sovereign will be printed by the United States Playing Card Co. and pledge starts at $14 on Kickstarter. Also, add ons such as the Luxury case, custom brick box and for the collectors, the Exquisite Set. The set contains all 3 decks- gilded and numbered, and the Sovereign emblem on the cover laser engraved.

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