Cardistry: Obec Studio's Drop #2, Chiaroscuro Playing Cards

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Cardistry: Obec Studio's Drop #2, Chiaroscuro Playing Cards

Obec Studio, a cardistry oriented brand has just released the follow-up to its first deck released in 2018- Chiaroscuro Playing Cards. Every single card in Chiaroscuro deck is hand-painted and completely customized by Obec Studio's creative lead, Biolimbo.

This personal deck includes many of his closest friends and borrowing their personalities to match them with the character of each of the four suits- each attributed to the four basic fields of life: emotions, thoughts, the material world, and physical being.

Mixing these concepts with early 20th century aesthetic, the artist is making a tribute not only to impressionism by using their conception of color as a vehicle of meaning, but also to the original painter of both jokers and one of the most prominent expositors of this movement, master painter Camille Pissarro.

This time the design was pushed even more since every Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, and Clubs are truly unique, each painted different and has its own particularities. The card back design is not symmetrical and made out of different paintbrush strokes. However, it is hardly noticeable due to the consistency of the colorway.

The final touch is given by the Jokers, an artistical intervention of an oil on canvas painting, showcasing the characters doing famous cardistry moves.  Obec Studio continues to blend cardistry with arts and innovate with new concepts in cardistry with the goal of spreading cardistry through multiple artistic elements that complement it.

The deck is printed by the United States Playing Card Company and available now for $14 from

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