Deck View: King's Game (White Edition) Playing Cards

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Deck View: King's Game (White Edition) Playing Cards

Strategy. Functional. Universal.

The King's Game Playing Cards is Bona Fide Playing Cards' take on the ancient and universal game: Chess. Designer Karin Yan brought together a deck that aims to represent all the different aspects of chess while adding a regal touch to it.

King’s Game features an entire game set within one deck in black colorway where the back depicts a globe-like chessboard and the different chess pieces are unconventionally distributed among the court cards forming two houses: The Black house represented by Spades and Clubs and the White house represented by Hearts and Diamonds.

The deck was designed to be both artistic and functional at the same time, with standard number cards and clear indices and pips making them perfectly playable. The King's Game White Edition comes with copper and silver foil tuck box. The tucks depict two Kings playing a game of chess (one on the front and one on the back). Printed by the Expert Playing Card Co.

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